Digital nomads

I always felt attracted to the digital nomad lifestyle. The adventure of the unknown. Getting surprised every day. Discovering amazing places never seen before or learning about interesting cultural differences. I guess it makes sense for someone who likes to learn new things all the time (like web developers do). There's a craving for it. A curiosity that never ends.

Of course, you can still learn without the need to take a plane and travel to the other side of the world. You just need to open a book or interact with people from other cultures. That's a totally valid option for people who don't like to travel (like my father...), but travelling gives you a much more intense and rich experience in almost every aspect.

The infographic below gives some interesting stats and ideas to become a digital nomad. It also has some good stats about Bali. Enjoy it!

Joan Mira

Interactive web developer and creative technologist in London