SKY prototypes

While I was working at WCRS, I got involved in several prototypes and promotional ideas for SKY. One of the prototypes involved R&D with Javascript and CSS to animate the panels of the following design. I built a few responsive demos with reactive and unfolding animations. When the panels were clicked, the new sections would reveal themselves and push the other panels to the border of the screen.

I also built a prototype with folding panels, which uses CSS3 to create the panel shadows dynamically.

The highlight of these prototyping works was a installation demo I built using OpenFrameworks and Microsoft Kinect to promote the new Disney Channel in Sky [video coming soon]. The demo app tracks the hand of the user and translate the movements into Tinkerbell's magic dust, therefore the user can move Tinkerbell with his hands. It uses a particle system, shaders, blur and other graphic techniques to increase the visual appeal.