Stats and easter eggs

Audience overview

  • The average number of unique users per month is 9.000
  • The average number of page views per month is 12.000
  • The average session duration is 1 minute 12 seconds
  • 85% of the users speak Spanish. The rest are English and Russian
  • 80% of the traffic comes from organic search, 10% access directly and 10% from referrals

Most popular pages

  1. /las-50-mejores-peliculas-de-los-anos-80/ (51.83%)
  2. /1001-pelis-para-ver-antes-de-morir/ (13.64%)
  3. home page (13.06%)
  4. /about/ (3.56%)
  5. /tutorial-how-to-build-a-multi-player-quiz-app-with-sails-js/ (2.15%)
  6. /cv/ (2.14%)
  7. /50-animes-para-ver-this-summer/ ( 1.69%)
  8. /la-informatica-que-cambio-nuestras-vidas/ (1.17%)
  9. /peliculas-sobre-mongolia-que-tienes-que-ver/ (0.97%)
  10. /skills/ (0.91%)

Last update on September 5th 2015

Page speed

Report provided by GTMetrix. There are still a few improvements that can be done around images and Nginx tuning.

Easter eggs

There are a few hidden surprises in the website.

Clue: if you think the contact or about pages are looking quite plain, maybe you could try to spice them up with a famous (コナミコマンド) code ... On the other hand, if you are not very lucky playing Starpach, you could get some help by typing 'cheater' :P

My maximum score at Starpach (without cheating) is 5610 points at level 17.