Top 5 cities for remote working

Las Palmas named the 2nd best city in the world to live and work remotely based on the classification developed by The only one able to compete with the FOUR Thai cities in the top 5!

I'm probably quite bias, but I find Spain a lot safer than Thailand and much more friendlier with the foreigners. There's also a wider variety of food options (including gluten free) and the culture offering is also bigger :P

Valencia is also among the best cities and if Valencia made it to the top, I'm sure Alicante can be there as well when Nomadlist fixes the wrong details in the listing. It's just 180Km away from Valencia and we have many more cool beaches and mountains. It would be great to see Alicante becoming an important hub for digital nomads ;-)

More and more people work remotely everyday. Developers, translators, editors,... One of the main advantages of this type of work is the ability to do it from virtually anywhere, provided there is a good internet connection available.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

  • Cost of living: around €631
  • Connection speed: 40 mbps

Bangkok leads the list with an average cost of living and a fabulous communications. The security level is good, foreigners are welcomed and air quality and climate are acceptable. The city has many areas with Wi-Fi and up to 19 spaces from where it is possible to work remotely for a small fee. These include the THINK Society coworking space, where high speed internet and free coffee costs just €3.80 per day or 38€ per month. With a wide range of leisure and nightlife, this city is ideal for those wishing to combine work and fun. His weaknesses: the lack of racial tolerance and difficulty communicating with its inhabitants, because very few of them speak another language other than Thai.

2. Las Palmas, Spain

  • Cost of living: about 790€
  • Connection speed: 25 mbps

Las Palmas stands out for its excellent quality of life. The cost of living is slightly higher than in Bangkok but, in terms of air quality and climate, it's much better. Moreover, it is a safe city and its inhabitants are more than accustomed to the presence of foreigners, since the islands are a tourist destination. Precisely for this reason, Las Palmas has nothing to envy Bangkok in terms of entertainment and nightlife. In addition, the island of Gran Canaria also has numerous beaches to unwind on the breaks. The number of locations to work remotely is not as high as in the case of Bangkok and its price is not so cheap, but not bad nonetheless. There are up to 4 coworking spaces, where The House stands out as the best option. You can rent a place for 10€ per day or 100€ per month. Its main disadvantage: there are hardly any spaces with Wi-Fi in the city.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Cost of living: 370€
  • Connection speed: 20 mbps

Chiang Mai stands out for its security and the excellent service for foreigners. The Internet connection is good and there are enough spaces with Wi-Fi in the city, plus 11 coworking spaces at very affordable prices. At Work @ Nimman and StarWork, you can rent a place for about 5 and 4.5€ per day or 76€ per month and 81, respectively. The leisure and nightlife is not comparable to the previous two cities, but it's not bad and the quality of life in general is good. Its main disadvantages: low racial tolerance and the language barrier.

4. Phuket, Thailand

  • Cost of living: around 483€
  • Connection speed: 20 mbps

Phuket has an excellent air quality. Moreover, it is a safe city, with a good range of leisure and nightlife, an Internet connection similar to Chiang Mai and a cost lower than the previous three cities, so the quality of life is generally good. There is only one coworking space from which to work remotely, but the work environment is nice and the price is very affordable. It is called Stash and the rent is 2.5€ per day or €76 per month. Unlike other cities in Thailand, the English level it is acceptable, so it will not be as difficult to communicate with them without knowing Thai. Its main disadvantages: the little racial tolerance, the low quality of the electrical network in some areas and the lack of spaces with free Wi-Fi in the city.

4. Ko Samui, Thailand

  • Cost of living: around 490€
  • Connection speed: 10 mbps

Ko Samui shares pretty much the same advantages and issues as Phuket, although it's a bit worst in terms of english speaking, coworking options and Internet connection. Although the electric network seems to be better ;-)

Cost of living: calculated for a permanent stay, living on rent in some affordable housing on the outskirts of the city and buying food at the supermarket and cooking it at home.

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