Joan Mira

My name in japanese is ジョアン (Joan) ミラ (Mira).

I define myself as an explorer, web and tech geek, biker, rower, DIY enthusiast and cinema buff. But among all, I'm passionate about art, creativity and inspired by Japan.

This is my personal website, where I write about my life, interests and work as a Web Developer with the only intention of sharing knowledge and experiences.

If you want to know more about me, you can read my geek life, curriculum or my motorcycle adventure called the Samurai route. Alternatively, I'm always up for a ping-pong or fußball game. And don't forget to add me in LinkedIn and Twitter! ;-)

I was born and raised in Alicante. A popular tourist area in the south east of Spain.

If you haven't heard before about Alicante, then you should know that it is a region with splendid beaches, very good weather and remarkable gastronomy. To the point that, Ferran Adriá once said it is one of the best places in the World to eat!

It's also the area of the world-renowned paella, turron and the alicante wines.

Alicante is also undergoing a major revamping in the digital industry, with a government driven project called the Digital District that is attracting startups and big IT companies to settle in the area.