BT Consumer - Pre-sales redesign

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Launch website


As part of SapientNitro, I co-led the development of the end to end redesign of a responsive front-end for BT, the UK’s biggest telecommunications company with millions of customers. I also took full responsibility of the product overview pages (Phone, Broadband, TV and Sport), developing all their shelves responsively.

The site uses the latest front-end technologies, including the Grunt task runner and a static site generator called Assemble. I also designed and coded several iOS compatible HTML5 canvas animations made with Adobe Flash CC.

The development phase had a very tight deadline and we had to push our limits to build a fully responsive robust architecture with an innovative design and real time data for Sport and TV shows events.

Once we went live with the site, I continued involved in the project for a few weeks to hand over the platform to BT. Since then, the site has continued evolving.







dimitri bt
My co-worker Dimitri thinking...