The Internet's own boy: the story of Aaron Swartz

18 November 2015film

Yesterday I finished watching the FREE movie ”The Internet’s own boy: the story of Aaron Swartz” on Netflix. It was touching. I felt really frustrated and angry to see what the government can do to destroy someone who believed in a better world.

I also felt very disappointed on how the MIT decided not to get involved or do anything to defend Aaron. At the end of the day, the MIT is an organisation that promotes hacking for learning and innovation! That is so hypocritical of them. There is no excuse, no matter how many favours or money they own. You have to defend your people, especially when there’s a battle of this caliber between a normal person vs a government like the US.

At the end of the movie, I felt like the “old system” is what killed Aaron. Their inability to listen and evaluate the situation with perspective, their prepotency and abuse of power, their fear to lose control… The US and the world has a real problem with transparency and open data. That’s what Aaron was trying to fight for and I believe on his ideals.

I’ve been always interested in copyright and how the Internet is making humanity reconsider what needs to be opened and shared. We have to work towards a world with more transparency, more open data, open software and open governments. That’s how you beat cancer or improve renewable energies. That’s how humanity evolves to a higher level of consciousness. We, the millennials demand this new way of understanding life.

You can watch the movie here: